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Pfft, who doesn't love puppets?
userpics suck on lj
graceasaur wrote in crack_md
You must go here for brilliant House puppets.

Characters: House, Wilson, Foremen, Cameron.

Rated: PG-13 for some language.

Pairing: None really, but brief House/Wilson

  • 1 the fact my video is posted here >>X'D

I'M GOING TO MAKE MORE, really I am.

If I could find Wilsons damn eyebrows....

LOL! Those little rascals are always running off!
Of course its posted here! Best piece of crack yet!
Lol, I feel like I have a celebrity here. XD

HAHAH celebrity~~ xDD
Thanks. That's very touching. <3
I DO have fans, it's a little strange! *laughs*

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